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Alignment Zoom for AutoCAD Civil3D (free application)

Alignment Zoom is a free application that navigates you to alignments at select chainages. This program is very useful for users of Advanced Road Design.

If you have an alignment of significant length, this is a very handy tool to focus on a particular chainage location along the alignment.  As you type in new chainage values or step chainages using the arrows, the drawing zoom updates.  As you change alignments the drawing zoom updates.  There is a play button to scan through the chainages at a selected speed.


Download this free program for AutoCAD Civil3D 2015,  2014 & Civil3D 2013 at the link below –

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Advanced Road Design for CAD Managers

On Monday, we hosted a 1-hour web session on Advanced Road Design for CAD Managers. We have created a playlist of short videos for users who were unable to attend this session.  The web session contained information regarding sharing data (roads & pipes) and also the use of Civil3D Data Shortcuts – we will be uploading videos on these topics shortly.

Part 1 – Data Folder & Settings

Part 2 – Plotting Layers

Part 3 – Titleblock Creation

Part 4 – Setting up Road Linework (using the Assign Layers command)

Part 5 – Multi-Setout 

Part 6 – Using Civil3D Points for Setout

Part 7 – An overview of the ARD Surface

Advanced Road Design – Intersections (6 part video series)


This series of videos outlines the different approaches for tackling intersections using Advanced Road Design. We will also delve into the mechanics so that you understand how ARD models the intersection and how connections are established both horizontally and also vertically.

Part 1 – Automated Kerb Returns

Part 2 – Creating Kerb Returns using Alignments

Part 3- Kerb Return Editing (Addressing low points, using strings to control cross fall)

Part 4 – Model Builder Intersection (Constructing string-based intersections)

Part 5 – Adding Islands to an Intersection

Part 6 – Outputting Kerb Return Setout Details