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Adding Blocks to a Cross Section

In Advanced Road Design, users have the ability to add extra information to a cross section by using polylines created on specified Layer. Using the polylines, the user can add text or AutoCAD Blocks on to the cross section.

This might be used to display:

* Guard rails

* Guide posts

* Tree lines

* Pavement treatment areas

* Property boundary’s


The short video below shows how this can be achieved.



This video is the last of our short series on rural road design. If you would like to suggest a topic to be covered, than please e-mail This year, we have completed a series on intersection design and setup for CAD managers. The next planned series is on carpark design.


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Rural Road Design – Superelevation

This short video demonstrates the 3 different methods to apply superelevation using Advanced Road Design. Users can calculate using both the Austroads and also RTA design tables.

* Apply superelevation using the Civil3D Superelevation calculations

* Apply using the Advanced Road Design Superelevation calculations


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Rural Road Design – Alignment Creation

We recently conducted a webcast on rural road design using Advanced Road Design. The first part of this webcast was on Alignment creation.

The short video below covers:

* Creating  a best-fit Civil3D Alignment through Civil3D Points

* Creating offset alignments to control the lane width

* Applying automatic road widening to Autoroads standards

* Using the Alignment Zoom app to quickly zoom along an Alignment


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Rural Road Design – Upcoming Webcast

We will be hosting a webcast Wednesday 23rd April at 2pm (AEST).  The focus of the webcast is on rural road design.

In this webcast we’ll have a look at the functionality inside Advanced Road Design for rural road design.
We’ll be exploring:
– developing rural type cross sections
– managing superelevation
– dealing with table drains (based on constant offset, variable offset independently graded, cut-off drains)
– options for different batters
– techniques for handling driveways
– options to easily show features (such as guard rail) on cross sections

You can register for the webcast at the link below –