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Intersection Reconstruction with V17.01

In this video series, I want to demonstrate some of the new functionality in Civil Site Design v17.01 by running through an intersection reconstruction.

This dataset is a variation on one of our standard datasets available when you install the software. If you would like to sample some of the new commands with this dataset, then click here to download the data.

In this project we are aiming to upgrade the existing intersection with a roundabout and islands to better manage the movement of traffic through the intersection.

The proposed layout for the intersection has been rendered for public consultation.


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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Hi-Res Renders & Sharing Models

Civil Site Design users can now export their design model to Blender and output hi-resolution images and animations. Blender is a free open-source graphics application that will allow users to produce stunning visuals with shadow casting, lighting effects, and much more. Download a free copy here.

Learn more about outputting your design to Blender in this video.

SketchFab is free to join website that allows users to upload and share 3d models. Civil Site Design users can upload their designs and share them with clients or other stakeholders. The SketchFab viewer can be used on most devices and 3d models can also be displayed in virtual reality – if you have the VR headset of course.

Check out the video below outlining the process for sharing your Civil Site Design model to SketchFab. See also below an example of a Civil Site Design model displayed in the SketchFab viewer…

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New Feature Videos – Part 2

One common request we receive from Civil Site Design users is in regards to outputting data from Model Viewer back into CAD. We have now included a new CAD Output command that allows the output of line-marking, sight distance, and 3d model entities back into CAD.

We have also included a number of new reports in Model Viewer, these are…

  • Areas report
  • Line-marking report
  • Objects report

Check out the videos below for more information on these new commands.

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New Feature Videos – Part 1

In preparation of the release of Civil Site Design v17.01, we have released some new features videos. We are planning on releasing another 5 new features videos next week, so follow this blog to keep posted.

New Features – Part 1

  • Aerial imagery & satellite surfaces
  • Tooltips
  • Sight distance improvements
  • Line-marking improvements
  • Coverage areas

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Civil Site Design v17.01 – Out Soon!

We are currently in the final stages of testing and we expect to release Civil Site Design v17.01 in the next couple of weeks. This release contains plenty of new features and we will be releasing new feature videos shortly. Follow this blog to keep up-to-date.

In the meantime, check out the 3d model below. This model was outputted directly from Civil Site Design using the new export options in Model Viewer and uploaded to SketchFab.

We believe SketchFab will be a great way for our users to share their designs.

You can sign-up for free at