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Coming Soon – ‘Threads’


In the next update of Civil Site Design, we will be releasing a new command named ‘Threads’. ‘Threads’ allow users to form and process a computational workflow. Threads are a powerful addition to the software and give the designer a lot more control in regards to how updates happen and it what order.

Watch the video below to learn more about this new tool.

2 thoughts on “Coming Soon – ‘Threads’

  1. Looks good, would it be possible in the future to run some threads in the background such as longsection or cross section plot to file so that you can keep working in the drawing while its beavering away in the background.

  2. Yes, this is the plan. After we release the first version, we are planning on allowing users to hook up Threads to events in the software. For example, every time you move a vertical IP, edit an Alignment, or simply add a Variation, you might want to specify a Thread that is processed in the background. At the moment, we will do a rebuild automatically for the user, but Threads will allow users to customise exactly what happens and in what order. So, hooking Threads up to events will be the next step.

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