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Civil Site Design v18.20 Released!

Civil Site Design v18.20 is now available for download and includes many new features and enhancements. This release can be downloaded from the Civil Survey Solutions Subscription Portal or via the in-application Welcome Screen.

This release is supported on any of the following platforms:

* Civil 3D 2013 to Civil 3D 2018

* AutoCAD 2013 to AutoCAD 2018

* BricsCAD v16 & BricsCAD v17

For information regarding resolved issues, please refer to the release readme.

What’s new in this release

Pipe drafting in plan

Enhanced drafting control for pipe display in plan has been included. This allows users to display outer diameter, inner diameter, and centreline line work for their pipes. Users can set pipe widths in plan to reference actual pipe diameter.

We have also updated default blocks for inlet pits and catchment areas.



A new command named Threads has been added to the software. A Thread is a collection of actions or commands that can be computed as a single process. This means that rather than constantly needing to run update commands in Civil Site Design, users can create a Thread, which will process a number of commands in the one button click.


A Thread could also be used for the purpose of plan production. For example, a Thread could be created to plot cross sections and long sections, update setout information and produce all CAD line work.

Check out this video for more information on Threads.

Model Viewer

  • New visual style named Rendered with Edges
  • Contours can now be displayed in Model Viewer
  • The Base Surface will now honor surface boundaries


Roads, Surfaces, & Alignments

  • A number of forms including the Create/Edit String form & Reference Line (now point) form has been improved and now include ‘hover over’ images
  • New boundary from surface command means boundaries can be added to a DTM that references another DTM
  • Direction arrow displayed on Alignments (CAD versions only)
  • Surface labelling styles improved
  • Option to not output surface when creating a grading object
  • GENIO Exchange command improved
  • And much more!